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Studio Theatre

"Christy Escobar’s mesmerizing, compelling, utterly brilliant, performance is the centerpiece of Studio Theatre’s world premiere production of Hilary Bettis’ Queen of Basel. In Bettis’ reimagining of August Strindberg’s Miss Julie, Escobar inhabits Julie, the deeply troubled, wild, economically privileged and emotionally wrecked daughter of a wealthy, tyrannical Miami hotel and condo magnate... Escobar is an astonishing physical actor. As Julie’s volatile moods swing from one extreme to another, she flails her arms about, bends, displays her legs, throws her head back, rarely but tellingly is still for a moment. At one point, she almost literally climbs the walls, bleeds, physically manifesting her wounded soul. Her vocal range is just as great, dynamically and tonally, always true to character, bringing to a spoken role the passionate truth that someone like Maria Callas brought to opera."

  • Bob Ashby, DC Metro Theater Arts



"Actor Christy Escobar plays Emma with a deft balance of grounded emotion and comic timing, and displays a great fluency with the quicksilver dialogue. Emma is portrayed with a soupçon of satire, but still emerges with dimensionality because she is so genuine, well-meaning and vulnerable."

  • Omeleto


The Director's Company

"The blonde, girlish and alluring Christy Escobar as Hope and Emily is magnetic.  Modulating her husky voice and slightly altering her appearance, Ms. Escobar delivers two commanding characterizations. Each character is fraught with angst, despair and talent, and Escobar perfectly conveys these qualities."

  • Darryl Reilly,

"Christy Escobar, playing the dual roles of mother Hope, and daughter Emily, manages to deliver two unique characters. The first wistful and fragile. The other carries some of the same shades but with a healthy dose of calculation that grows exponentially as Corrine tries to tighten her grip."

  • Edward Molina,


Long Wharf Theatre

"Melody, portrayed with sweetness and wit by Christy Escobar... Even Melody’s name and her treble-clef tattoo turn out to be the setup for a joke that Ms. Escobar delivers with exquisite precision."

  • Sylviane Gold, New York Times

​"As Melody, blithe and polite... Christy Escobar plays up Melody’s fecklessness but has the guts to silence headstrong Liam when necessary; she also gets a show-stopping turn doing a good job of singing badly 'Summertime,' from Porgy and Bess (a moment full of comic implications)."

  • Donald Brown, New Haven Review


Virginia Stage Company

"Christy Escobar portrays Daisy Buchanan... Escobar’s portrayal is simply choice. She fully surrenders to character, a woman who lives in denial, partying her woes away, while at once haunted by her first true love."

  • Terrance Afer-Henderson, New Journal and Guide

"​Impressive... is the chemistry between Escobar and Michael Schantz, who plays Gatsby. During the scene where the two characters are reunited by Nick Carraway... their lust and/or love for each other is deeply palpable."

  • Jerome Langston, Veer Magazine

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